Heater Service Stuart, Des Moines, West Des Moines, IA, and Surrounding Areas

Heater Service in Stuart, West Des Moines, and the Great Des Moines Areas - Vans Heating & CoolingEach year, do the maintenance your heater needs to last through the years. You’ve made the investment in buying a heating system and getting it installed. Protect it with yearly service. Not only does Heater Service Stuart, Des Moines, West Des Moines, IA, and Surrounding Areas help your equipment last, it restores its performance and improves your home air quality.

Trust our results-oriented approach

At Van’s Heating & Cooling, we use a careful checklist to make sure each part of your heating equipment is inspected and cleaned. We have thirteen years of experience and a local following that shows our reliable work ethic keeps our customers coming back. Each year, normal wear and tear take a toll on your heating equipment, we restore it, getting rid of the buildup of grime and dirt inside so you can enjoy your home.

What does your service appointment include?

Expect a friendly and confident technician at your door when you call Van’s Heating & Cooling. We perform a series of tests and clean your furnace to make sure it performs like new. We start by cleaning and adjusting the burner assembly located inside, we check the ignition parts and clean them, and then we look over the heat exchange and its elements. We make sure your ductwork is leak free so you get all the warm air to the rooms you want it in, instead of letting it go to waste. We Make sure the flue pipe and heat pipe are working correctly for your home’s safety.

Communication so you have choices

After your technician performs the service work, we go over the job with you. Your technician will also make recommendations of for future tune ups so you can plan ahead and take care of things as they are convenient. We help you plan ahead so you can schedule around your lifestyle and budget. You’ll avoid needless breakdowns and get efficient heating at the touch of a button each day.

An investment that more than pays for itself

Getting yearly service isn’t just a cosmetic fix for your furnace. It’s like getting an oil change for your car instead of just getting the car washed. You’re protecting an investment of thousands of dollars by getting your service work done each year. By getting annual Heater Service Stuart, Des Moines, West Des Moines, IA, and Surrounding Areas from Van’s Heating & Cooling, you can enjoy your heater year after year.

Have questions?  Submit a request through our online request form or give us a call and our specialist will help guide you through the different heater service options.